About Bergamo


General Information

Location and Climate

The climate of Bergamo is moderately continental, with cold, damp winters and hot, muggy summers.
The city is located in northern Italy, in Lombardy, about 40 km (25 mi) north-east of Milan. The lower part of the city is located about 200 meters (650 feet) above sea level, while the upper part is located from 270 to 400 meters (885 to 1,300 ft).
In the north, in the River Serio Valley, which then reaches the city, we find Albino, Nembro and Alzano Lombardo, while to the north-east is Lake Iseo.
The proximity of the Prealps increases thunderstorms in late spring and summer compared to the lower Po valley.

More information about the weather in Bergamo (with prediction!)


Travelling by tram, bus and funicular. Getting around in Bergamo is very easy and cheap if you take advantage of their readily available public transportation. There are many different lines: you can find your Tram and Bus Routes and Timetables on: ATB Web Site (in english).

You can buy tickets at the bus stations and bus stops, in giornali (kiosk) or tabacchi (stores marked with “T”), but not on the bus or tram.